The Charles S. Peirce Society

International Advisory Committee

The Peirce Society's International Advisory Committee is an international group of prominent scholars of Peirce, pragmatism, and (in a broad sense) American philosophy who are charged with the following responsibilities:

  1. To serve as a conduit for work by new scholars outside the United States, directing submissions from them to the Transactions. To the extent that they are able, committee members attend relevant conferences and actively engage with and encourage young scholars.

  2. To promote scholarship related to Peirce, pragmatism, and American philosophy, as well as to promote the Society and the Transactions, in each committee member’s home country /region.

  3. To advise the Society as a whole on issues relevant to scholarship on Peirce, pragmatism, and American philosophy, occurring outside the United States.

The IAC is composed of members from every geographic area in which there is serious interest in Peirce, pragmatism, or classical American philosophy generally. Each member of the IAC has been appointed for a three-year term, and his or her appointment to the committee may be renewed while he or she is active in accomplishing the above-listed functions.

The members of the IAC are:

Hedy Boero (Argentina)
Albert Atkin (Australia)
Marc Van den Bossche (Belgium)
Lucia Santaella (Brazil)
Vinicius Romanini (Brazil)
Cheryl Misak (Canada)
Fernando Andacht (Canada)
Jiang Yi (China)
Zhang Liuhua (China)
Fernando Zalamea (Colombia)
Arnold Oostra (Colombia)
Frederik Stjernfelt (Denmark)
Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen (Finland)
Mats Bergman (Finland)
Claudine Tiercelin (France)
Helmut Pape (Germany)
Hans Joas (Germany)
Dimitra Sfendoni-Mentzou (Greece)
Alexander Kremer (Hungary)
Giovanni Maddalena (Italy)
Rossella Fabbrichesi (Italy)
Kunitaké Ito (Japan)
Naoko Saito (Japan)
Mauricio Beuchot (Mexico)
Edgar Sandoval (Mexico)
Herman de Regt (The Netherlands)
Cathy Legg (New Zealand)
Torjus Midtgarden (Norway)
Bjorn Ramberg (Norway)
Pablo Quintanilla (Peru)
César Escajadillo (Peru)
Krzystof "Chris" Skowronski (Poland)
Vitaly Kiryushchenko (Russia)
Jaime Nubiola (Spain)
Marta Morgade (Spain)
Nils-Eric Sahlin (Sweden)
Kory Sorrell (Turkey)
Chris Hookway (United Kingdom)
Matthew Festenstein (United Kingdom)

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