The Charles S. Peirce Society

The Charles S. Peirce Society
Essay Contest

Past Winners of the Peirce Society Essay Contest

2015-16: Francesco Bellucci (Tallinn University of Technology), "Inferences from Signs. Peirce and the Recovery of the σημεῖον"
Honorable Mentions: Kenneth Boyd (Dalhousie University) and Diana Heney (Fordham University), "Rascals, Triflers, and Scientists: C. S. Pierce and the Centrality of Assertion"; Claudia Cristalli (Scuola Normale Superieure di Pisa, Italy), "Is Perception like Signal Detection? Peirce's Philosophical and Scientific Inquiry on Perception and Its Analogies with a Modern Hypothesis on Cognition"

2014-15: Aaron Wilson (South Texas College), "Peirce and the A Priori".
Honorable Mentions: William McAuliffe (Miami), "How did Abduction get Confused with Inference to the Best Explanation?"; Zhang Liuhua (East China Normal University), "A Plea for a Peircean Turn in Justifying Logic."

2013-14: Gabriele Gava (Germany), "What is Wrong with Intuitions? An Assessment of a Peircean Criticism of Kant."

2012-13: Masato Ishida (USA), "A Peircean Reply to Quine's Two Problems"

2011-12: Jean-Marie Chevalier (France), "Peirce's Critique of the First Critique: A Leibnizian False Start"

2010-11: Richard Atkins (USA), "This Proposition is not True: C.S. Peirce and the Liar Paradox" (Transactions 47 (4), Fall 2011, pp.421-444)

2009: Andrew F. Smith (USA), "Truth, Negation, and the Limit of Inquiry: Revisiting the Problem of Buried Secrets"

2008: Daniel Campos (USA), "Imagination, Concentration, and Generalization: Peirce on the Reasoning Abilities of the Mathematician" (Transactions 45 (2), Spring 2009, pp.135-156)

2007: Daniel McKaughan (USA), "From Ugly Duckling to Swan: C. S. Peirce, Abduction, and the Pursuit of Scientific Theories" (Transactions 44 (3), Summer 2008, pp.446-468)

2006: Jérôme Havenel (France), "Peirce's Clarifications on Continuity" (Transactions 44 (1), Winter 2008, pp.86-133)

2005: Shannon Dea (Canada), "'Merely a Veil Over the Living Thought': Math and Logic in Peirce's Forgotten Spinoza Review" (Transactions 42 (4), Fall 2006, pp.501-517)

2004: John Jacob Kaag (USA), "Continuity and Inheritance: Kant's Critique of Judgement and the Work of C.S. Peirce" (Transactions 41 (3), Summer 2005, pp.515-540)

2003: Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen (Finland), "Peirce's Magic Lantern: Moving Pictures of Thought"

2002: Mathias Girel (France), "The Metaphysics and Logic of Psychology: Peirce's Reading of James's Principles" (Transactions 39 (2), Spring 2003, pp.163-203)

2001: Jesse Norman (England), "Provability in Peirce's Alpha Graphs" (Transactions 39 (1), Winter 2003, pp.23-41)

2000: Menno Hulswit (the Netherlands), "Semeiotic and the Cement of the Universe: A Peircean Process Approach to Causation" (Transactions 37 (3), Summer 2001, pp.339-363)

1999: Mats Bergman (Finland), "Reflections on the Role of the Communicative Sign in Semeiotic" (Transactions 36 (2), Spring 2000, pp.225-254)

1998: Jeffrey Kasser (USA), "Peirce's Supposed Psychologism" (Transactions 35 (3), Summer 1999, pp.501-526)

1997: Sami Pihlstrom (Finland), "Peircean Scholastic Realism and Transcendental Arguments" (Transactions 34 (2), Spring 1998, pp.382-413)

1996: (tie) Timothy Herron (USA), "C. S. Peirce's Theory of Infinitesimals" (Transactions 33 (3), Summer 1997, pp.590-645) and Robert Lane (USA), " Peirce's 'Entanglement' with the Principles of Excluded Middle and Contradiction" (Transactions 33 (3), Summer